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Will My Drunk Driving Conviction in Another State Show Up on My Mississippi Record?

Posted on : November 27, 2017, By:  J Brian Kelley
will a past DUI show up on your criminal record?

Any arrest for DUI can come with consequences if you’re not careful to hire the right lawyer immediately. An attorney can help you figure out what’s ahead and to develop a plan to combat these charges, but you also need to be mindful of whether or not there are any past DUIs on your record for the purpose of classifying potential punishments on the line.

If you have been arrested for DUI or any type of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs crime in any other state, it is possible for this to show up in Mississippi on your driving record.  This is because many states are now connected through computer systems that are managed by law enforcement agencies. The purpose of such computer systems is to gather information and distribute it so that the states can share from one to another. This information can easily be accessed by a prosecutor, the court or the highway patrol. Under certain circumstances, previous convictions out of the state of Mississippi could be used to increase or enhance your punishment for a subsequent DUI arrest.

These situations in which this information can become relevant in the state of Mississippi have to do with previous convictions that are within the last five years of the date of the current charge within Mississippi. If you are concerned about a past DUI record and want to know how to proceed appropriately to avoid serious consequences of conviction, you need to schedule a consultation directly with a knowledgeable Starkville, Mississippi DUI lawyer who will work as hard as possible to explore whether or not the police violated your rights or whether other mistakes such as a malfunctioning breathalyzer test were involved in the allegations of DUI. Prepare to fight back when you’ve been accused and when you have a past record.

Taking prompt and effective legal action to protect yourself is extremely important for your future and should not be ignored. A Starkville DUI lawyer will look at all possible avenues to diminish or eliminate these charges entirely but you may not understand all of your potential rights until you have called.




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