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What Are the Costs of Being Arrested for DUI in Mississippi?

Posted on : December 25, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley
Attorney For DUI In Starkville

If you have been arrested for DUIs in Starkville, Mississippi, you cannot afford to wait to get help.

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The costs of criminal defense and handling your case can become quite expensive, particularly if you are not prepared for this process. Nothing can prepare you for the possibility of a pending trial or the possibility of going to court multiple times as you make your case.

Getting charged with a DUI is expensive even if you are innocent and it becomes even more expensive if a jury or judge convicts you. It’s very difficult to estimate the cost of your legal DUI defense since it depends on the complexity of your case. Complex cases require more of your lawyer’s time, which means more money spent.

You need to consult with an experienced Starkville DUI lawyer immediately to give you an overview of what your case might cost so that you go into the relationship with open eyes. There are a number of other costs associated with your DUI defense. These can include court cost, property damage, loss of employment, fines, medical expenses, higher insurance rates, and more.

These can easily add up to far more than your lawyer’s fees and expenses which is why you need an attorney who will help you navigate this process. There are also non-financial costs to getting a DUI charge in Mississippi too. These include feelings of guilt, pain and suffering, suspension of your driver’s license, loss of friendship, embarrassment, and even possible impacts on your child custody case.

Recognizing the significant implications of being accused of a DUI in Mississippi should make it your top priority to request the right to speak with your attorney immediately and to get help from someone who has extensive experience defending DUI allegations across Starkville.    


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