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What Impact Does a DUI Conviction Have on My Record?

Posted on : September 26, 2017, By:  J Brian Kelley
Learn how a DUI conviction can affect your criminal and driving record

If you are pulled over and accused of DUI, taking action immediately to protect your rights is one of the most important things you can do to minimize the potential consequences in your future. If you are ultimately convicted of DUI, then there are several different consequences to consider. First of all, a DUI conviction will stay on your driving record for up to five years during which time any additional convictions of DUI can increase your punishment.

Your record will keep the charge itself on file for life and there can be an adverse impact on your employment, particularly if driving was a part of your everyday work duties. You may also be required to get high-risk insurance for three years because of the DUI conviction and only certain companies write policies for high-risk insurance.

Your driving license in Mississippi can be suspended if you were to drop this insurance. If you are charged with driving while your license was suspended, you will face additional consequences, including fines and time in jail. Problems with your credit report and rental car companies can also be common with a DUI charge on your record. These problems happen when DUIs appear immediately on your record. Bear in mind that you have the opportunity to contest the DUI after a conviction. Fighting hard to receive a non-DUI disposition or an outright acquittal can be achieved with a higher likelihood of success if you hire a knowledgeable Mississippi DUI attorney.

Taking a plea too early or simply admitting guilt and trying to put this issue behind you can be a big mistake because as this blog post illustrates, there are many different consequences that can follow you into your future if you are accused and convicted of DUI. Consulting with a DUI lawyer who has years of experience in this field and who can help you to navigate these complicated processes is a great method.


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