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How Does A DUI Affect Your Driving Record?

Posted on : September 10, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley

A DUI’s Effects On Your Driving Record In Mississippi

Even after you’ve been charged, a DUI can affect your driving record much more seriously if you don’t get the help you need from a criminal lawyer.

Being arrested for DUI in Mississippi can have alarming consequences if you’re not prepared.

A consultation with an experienced Starkville DUI defense lawyer will help to prepare you for what to expect based on the charges alleged against you. A DUI conviction can stay on your record for as long as five years.

During this period, any additional DUI convictions will also increase your punishment. The charge itself may stay on your record for life and can have a negative impact on your employment abilities, particularly if driving was a core part of your work duties. Furthermore, you will likely need to obtain SR-22 insurance, referenced as high-risk insurance.

Your license will be suspended if you drop your highway risk insurance. There are also charges and fines, as well as jail terms associated with a DUI conviction on your record. The DUI charge could also cause issues with rental car companies and when your credit report is run. These issues come about when a DUI appears on your record. You nearly always have an opportunity to contest a DUI when you gather evidence and hire an attorney immediately.

Your driving record can include this information for years to come, and when an insurance agency providing you with quotes sees this in your history, your premiums might be more expensive. In some cases, including multiple DUIs, they might decline to cover you altogether.

In almost every case you should evaluate your opportunities to fight back against a DUI allegation as having this on your record could follow you for many years to come and can make things unnecessarily difficult for you when you have already dealt with the penalties and consequences of the original DUI. Make sure that the officer did not make any mistakes or otherwise leave you in the position of dealing with a DUI conviction unnecessarily.


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