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Do People in Mississippi Get a Lot of DUIs?

Posted on : February 22, 2019, By:  J Brian Kelley
Starkville Attorney For DUI Charges

DUI Statistics For Mississippi

If you’ve ever been on vacation in a city that attracts a lot of tourists, you probably know to heed the warning about the possibility of being accused of a crime. With police on alert about common infractions, you could end up behind bars or facing a DUI out of state.

But when it comes to places where residents are most likely to get a DUI, are there some states ahead of others? It turns out that there are states in the country where more DUI charges are handed out and Mississippi is one of them.

Most Likely Areas Where A Risk Of A DUI Charge Is Higher

Many people may be under the impression that certain areas are targeted for DUIs more than others. Being accused of a DUI in Starkville, Mississippi is an overwhelming proposition and one in which the stakes are much more serious if you’ve already been previously accused and convicted of a DUI. A recent study identified the states most likely to charge DUIs, DWIs and OUIs.

Driving while impaired is illegal across all 50 states but some states seem to have more of a record of charging people with drunk drivers and having drunk driving accidents. In order to arrive at these results, the number of DUI arrests, fatalities, DUI death rate per 100,000 and the percentage of adults who reported drinking too much before driving were all included.

Wyoming was the number one state for having the worst problems with DUIs because the state is home to a DUI death rate of 9.56 per 100,000, which is the highest of any other state throughout the country.

DUI Death And Fatalities

Wyoming is followed by regional neighbors, North and South Dakota and Montana for having significant rates of DUIs but many people who live in the Starkville area will be interested to learn that Mississippi comes in at number 6 with 5.86 DUI deaths per 100,000, 175 DUI fatalities and a 1.6% reported drinking behavior problem.

Get Help With Your Starkville DUI Charges

If you have already been accused of a DUI in Mississippi, it’s imperative that you have an experienced Starkville criminal defense attorney at your side to guide you through the legal process. A lawyer is there to advise you about your rights and how to move on with your defense after being accused.


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