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What Are Consequences Of Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana In Mississippi?

Posted on : January 31, 2019, By:  J Brian Kelley
Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana in Starkville, MS

Driving Under The Influence

If you were to drive after consuming alcoholic beverages and got pulled over by law enforcement, you would likely be charged with Driving Under The Influence right? And because Marijuana is considered a controlled substance, the likelihood of you being pulled over while under the influence of Marijuana may garner a similar outcome. Driving under the influence is not limited or exclusive to alcohol consumption, even if that appears to be the case when reviewing the law on first sight. In fact, if you are pulled over while you’re under the influence of Marijuana, the consequences may be even graver.

Penalties and Punishment

Implied Consent as provided for under the laws of the state of Mississippi state that it is not legal to operate a vehicle for any person who is under the influence, including alcohol as well as any other substance that may impair your ability to drive. Whether you decide to cooperate with law enforcement or not, there can be alternative methods for testing what you may be under the influence of. You may face fines, penalties and even jail time. The latter can be more severe if an accident or injury was caused as a result of your impairment.

Other Charges In Connection With Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana

Law enforcement will usually try to conduct a sobriety test or a breathalyzer test in order to determine if a driver is under the influence of alcohol, however, because there may be no affirmative way to test for Marijuana, a police officer may decide to actually search your vehicle if they become suspicious that you are under the influence of a controlled substance. As a result of a vehicle search, if you are found to be in possession of Marijuana, you may face other charges, fines, penalties and jail sentencing in connection with marijuana possession.

Get Help

It’s important to understand what your charges are and what your options for defending yourself will be.  Speaking to an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney will allow you to strategize for a vigorous defense against these charges. If you are concerned about your future, reach out to a criminal defense attorney immediately and get the help that you need.

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