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What Is a Breath Test Refusal Hearing in Mississippi?

Posted on : February 9, 2020
Drunk Driving Defense
 If you have been accused of DUI in Mississippi and you refuse to submit to a urine, breath or blood test, the Department of Public Safety will try to automatically suspend your privilege to drive for 90 days to up to one year or suspend your license entirely. This will usually happen before any criminal […]
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DUI Expungement In Mississippi

Posted on : January 15, 2020
Is It Possible To Get My DUI Conviction Expunged? A DUI charge is a serious offense in Mississippi, once convicted, you will feel the brunt of that conviction for the rest of your life. Your record will have the stain of a criminal charge which can affect your professional and educational endeavors. In addition, when […]
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How To Handle A Traffic Stop By Law Enforcement

Posted on : September 27, 2019
Initial Traffic Stop There is no doubt that seeing a law enforcement vehicle pull up behind you creates stress and anxiety, it can be unsettling and make you nervous.  The important thing is to stay as calm as possible.  You’ll want to pull over to the shoulder or another safe area slowly and indicate that […]
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How Accurate Are Field Sobriety Tests?

Posted on : August 19, 2019
Percentage Of Accuracy In A Breathalyzer Test If you are stopped by the police in Mississippi for the suspicion of driving under the influence, you may be subjected to a field sobriety test, very often that test is a breathalyzer test. Should your results be above the marked 0.08% bar, the likelihood of you being […]
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Does Mississippi Have The Worst Drivers?

Posted on : July 9, 2019
Highway Patrol Numbers Are In As most of us would imagine, holiday celebrations bring out all of the bells and whistles. Most people out and about at holiday events tend to imbibe in the atmosphere and fully immerse themselves in the occasion. Often, this means having a drink or two.  All of this is fine […]
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