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Do People in Mississippi Get a Lot of DUIs?

Posted on : February 22, 2019, By:  J Brian Kelley

If you’ve ever been on vacation in a city that attracts a lot of tourists, you probably know to heed the warning about the possibility of being accused of a crime. With police on alert about common infractions, you could end up behind bars or facing a DUI out of state. But when it comes […]

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What Are Consequences Of Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana In Mississippi?

Posted on : January 31, 2019, By:  J Brian Kelley
Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana in Starkville, MS

Driving Under The Influence If you were to drive after consuming alcoholic beverages and got pulled over by law enforcement, you would likely be charged with Driving Under The Influence right? And because Marijuana is considered a controlled substance, the likelihood of you being pulled over while under the influence of Marijuana may garner a […]

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What Are the Costs of Being Arrested for DUI in Mississippi?

Posted on : December 25, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley
Attorney For DUI In Starkville

If you have been arrested for DUIs in Starkville, Mississippi, you cannot afford to wait to get help. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The costs of criminal defense and handling your case can become quite expensive, particularly if you are not prepared for this process. Nothing can prepare you for the possibility […]

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What Should You Do If You Are Pulled Over on Suspicion of Drunk Driving?

Posted on : December 3, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley

Have you recently been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Starkville, Mississippi? Be prepared that the officer will document everything you do. As a result of the officer’s thorough evaluation of all possible evidence, make sure to: Put your car in park and set the parking brake, turning off the engine after you […]

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What Does a Prosecutor have to Prove in Your Mississippi DUI Case?

Posted on : October 18, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley

The penalties for being accused and convicted of DUI can be quite serious. This is why it is important to retain your own criminal defense representation immediately after being accused so that your lawyer can chart a strategy for maximum success in your DUI case. The prosecution has numerous different responsibilities in terms of proving […]

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Can I Expunge My Mississippi DUI Conviction?

Posted on : September 25, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley

If you have already been convicted for DUI or if you have just been arrested and are concerned with the best way to prepare your case, one of the most common questions presented to criminal defense attorneys in Starkville is whether or not you can expunge a Mississippi DI conviction. Expungement is a hot topic […]

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How Does A DUI Affect Your Driving Record?

Posted on : September 10, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley

A DUI’s Effects On Your Driving Record In Mississippi Even after you’ve been charged, a DUI can affect your driving record much more seriously if you don’t get the help you need from a criminal lawyer. Being arrested for DUI in Mississippi can have alarming consequences if you’re not prepared. A consultation with an experienced […]

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How Does Mississippi’s Deadly Driving Reputation Affect Your Accusations Of DUI?

Posted on : July 31, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley

Plenty of studies have illustrated that Mississippi is deadly for drivers. The national average for motor vehicle deaths across 2016 was 13.42 out of every 100,000 people, but the numbers for Mississippi were 26.27. In fact, Mississippi was seen as the deadliest state for drivers. One of the leading causes of deadly accidents is driving […]

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What Do Mississippi Residents Need to Know About DUIs Causing Injury or Death?

Posted on : June 27, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley

Being an accused of a DUI anywhere in Mississippi is cause for concern because the police officers and prosecutor might already have clear evidence that the person who was responsible for driving behind the wheel of the car under the influence. However, the circumstances can be elevated and multiple lawsuits might be filed if you […]

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What Does It Mean to Plea in a DUI Trial in Mississippi?

Posted on : June 5, 2018, By:  J Brian Kelley

There are three general types of pleas available to you in a Mississippi case. You may not realize all of the various aspects of going through a trial when accused of a DUI. But you should educate yourself by retaining a lawyer who has served many other clients in a similar capacity. The first plea […]

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